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Per Section 1-200 of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Law, public records or files may include typed, handwritten, tape-recorded, photocopied, videotaped, photographed data, such as emails, maps, graphs, charters, books, memoranda, folders, symbols, music files, and videotapes. Irrespective of the public record format, record custodians are required under the FOIA to provide copies of non-confidential public records to requesters. The FOIA prohibits the disclosure of sensitive and confidential public documents.

Anyone in Connecticut can make a Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and the requester is not required to state a purpose for the request. FOIA statutes also do not restrict how any information obtained using the Act may be used.

Certain Connecticut public records and files are not available to the general public. Record custodians restrict access or redact sections or whole documents classified as sensitive or confidential under state law.

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